Our Staging Process

Home staging is the process of preparing a home to go on the market. Staging is not simply decorating or painting. Designing Impressions specializes in identifying the strengths and weakness of each property and tailors a plan to emphasize or overcome them. Our unique approach identifies how to best represent the property by knowing what pieces, colors and placement of items will make the best first impression.

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"The first impression is the one that lasts." - 90% of buyers search the internet before visiting your property.

Designing Impressions staged properties stand out from the crowd in MLS photos and increase showings.

Each property is unique and should be treated accordingly. Designing Impressions's warehouse is stocked with items in a wide variety of styles. This allows us to showcase your property when staged and results in a quicker sale for the highest value possible.

 Vacant Staging

Homebuyers find a staged home easier to visualize. Designing Impressions's turns vacant properties into must see homes. Our stager will visit the property and perform a thorough walk-through. They will take pictures and notes and utilize these to draft a staging design plan. This vacant staging process is seamless thanks to our 3,000 square foot warehouse and dedicated warehouse team and equipment. Vacant staging prices are based off of many factors such as time, size of the rooms, and the amount and type of inventory being used. Because every property is unique, we do not offer prices over the phone, we must first be able to see the property.

Staging professionals take into account:

  • Characteristics, size, and function of the home

  • Style, size, and function of each room being staged

  • Demographics of the area

  • Competing properties

Vacant staging process

Once one of our staging professionals has had an opportunity to visit the property and create a design plan, a proposal will be provided through email. It will state the one-time staging investment for the first 60 days, the rooms to be staged, and the 30 day renewal fees.

Once you agree to hire Designing Impressions, a staging agreement will be sent for you to look over and sign. Upon receipt of the staging agreement a 25% non-refundable charge will be made with the remaining balance billed on the day of staging.

Important Note: As trained and professional stagers we look forward to staging each and every property. Clients are not allowed to select the items used in the staging process.

Why? Since we are independent from the realtor and the seller, we are uniquely qualified to use our extensive knowledge and experience in connecting buyers to individual properties. We understand implicitly the psychology that allows buyers to make an emotional connection to the property. Please understand that our focus is to appeal to the masses and draw buyers to the features of the home, we are not staging for the seller or real estate agent’s style. If all it took was decorating, then we would be out of a job. This independence and professionalism is what distinguishes us from "hobby stagers" or "in house stagers."


Walk and Talk

A Staging consultation "Walk and Talk" is provided by having one of our trained professionals do a thorough walk-through of the property discussing different options on how each room can be prepared to go on the market. Once a consultation is completed, a detailed report will be provided within 24 hours that lists room by room what was recommended.There is a one-time fee for the consultation which you will be billed for once you receive the report. If you decide that you would like Designing Impressions to handle the changes, we will be happy to provide you with a proposal. Examples of changes that may be suggested: Rearrangement of furnishings to showcase the size of the room better, decluttering and depersonalizing, and neutral paint color options.


90% of buyers look online first



Staged Homes sell on average 10% above asking price

Home Staging Resource

Staged Homes sell on average 10% above asking price

Home Staging Resource

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